Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I Am Going To Be A Dad

i am going to be a dad. weird huh? actually its exciting. talk about change. big change. initially, my wife and i were shocked. we were completely not expecting the news. before we knew for sure that we were pregnant, i was sensing it. i could sort of just tell. you know what i mean? when you live with a person every day you begin to pick up on anything different. i think that is really cool.

but we are so excited and are gearing up for this wonderful addition to our lives. we have no idea what it is going to be like. i suppose that is why everyone says you are never really ready. but now i have all these questions. is our baby a boy or a girl? do i WANT a boy or a girl? (boys are fun. girls are sweet). what will he or she be like? will he look like me? will she look like my wife? my blue eyes or Leigh's green eyes?

i would LOVE to have a daughter that looks like my friend Isa. except that neither Leigh nor I have any latino in us. but Isa is the bomb. she is sweet and fun. so she makes me want to have a girl. if we have a girl, we really like the name Norah Grace. but if we have a boy, we really like the name Brady. i think a boy would be fun because then we can watch the patriots together.

to be honest, i'd been hoping for twin boys. i think that would be the bomb. but it looks like we'll just be having one to start. i suppose that should be the easiest transition for our family. but then again, to go from zero to two, we wouldn't know if its any harder than just one. i guess God has his plan and he'll give us whatever kid he wants.

here is the question. what do you think? are we having a boy or a girl?


Rachel Rodriguez said...

GIRL!!! I can't believe you're even asking this after the pencil test confirmed it. And by the way, we groomed Isa to be a Notre Dame fan this last fall. So just indoctrinate Norah with a love of the Patriots and you'll be good to go.

Nancy said...

I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that you are gonna be a daddy, much less if Leigh is carrying a girl or boy! LOL
What precious times are ahead for your family. Love the names you picked out!! What would Brady's middle name be?? Gabriel?? LOL you know he isn't gonna stop bugging you about naming your boy after him!!!
Love you guys!

Sean said...

On March 8th I gave my full prediction: a boy, 7 lbs 15 oz, 22 1/4 inches long

There you have it. We'll see if I'm even close